We use a human centered design approach
— Christina almeida

Pildora is a creative luxury lifestyle brand driven by global events and entertainment

production that develops interactive content and programming


Centered on environmental friendliness and social impact, Pildora’s goal is to give a voice to

sustainable designers and brands, and provide a platform for people to learn to live a more

sustainable life


Founded by female entrepreneur Christina Almeida, Pildora uses a Human Centered Design (HCD)

approach to develop start-to-finish high-end unforgettable experiences that integrate art, music,

dance, fashion and content production with sustainability


Pildora’s goal is to inspire their audience to live more sustainable lifestyles by exposing them to

engaging, luxurious, and accessible techniques


In all aspects of development of Pildora’s production, the company takes into consideration all

stakeholders, including the environment and surrounding neighborhood