We are the voice of sustainable fashion
— Christina almeida

Pildora is a creative lifestyle brand and events company that is centered in sustainable fashion, environmental consciousness and social impact.

Our goal is to Eliminate the stigma surrounding sustainable fashion and to support sustainable designers by giving them a voice via our platform. Through our innovative content, Pildora is leading more people to shop consciously without having to sacrifice on style.


Founded by female entrepreneur Christina Almeida, Pildora uses a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach to develop start-to-finish high-end unforgettable experiences that integrate art, music, dance, fashion and content production with sustainability.

Our events serve as the vehicles for change and as networking spaces for top industry leaders to come together and initiate real impact while enjoying unforgettable experiences.


In all aspects of development of Pildora’s production, the company takes into consideration all stakeholders, including the environment and surrounding neighborhood